Qiezli in 2011

Qiezli in 2011
This shows Qiezli roaming a virtual beach in its "daydreaming" state...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Qiezli discussed at the Systems of Existence Panel

Qiezli's design intentions were briefly discussed by Jeremy at a panel for the group exhibition "Systems of Existence" which took place at the Turing Gallery on Extropia Island in Second Life. This event was curated by Gracie Kendall. Other panelists were: Alan Sondheim, Jo Ellesmere, Selavy Oh, Fau Ferdinand, and Erik Rzepka. Jeremy recounted how Qiezli appeared to have "stage fright" when performing it's own personality for others. Always the night before, Jeremy and Michael (the programmer) managed to get Qiezli to behave as intended...maybe Qiezli already has it's own autonomous personality ;-) For photos of the panel discussion, view Wirxli 2's blog post...

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