Qiezli in 2011

Qiezli in 2011
This shows Qiezli roaming a virtual beach in its "daydreaming" state...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More content to be uploaded shortly...

Welcome to Qiezli's brand new blog...

I will be uploading recent videos and screenshots in the coming days.

I should have some of this content posted late Monday night.

Some of the videos you will see in the video-list are from previous performances in 2010 when Qiezli was an avatar. Please click on this link to view some older videos. Each opened video has its own youtube description.

The focus of this particular blog is to document Qiezli as an autonomous agent. However, I might re-post the occasional historical screenshot and video from 2010 where appropriate.

Although I completed an evaluation recently, I will wait to show that particular documentation until a related paper has been published.

Thanks for your patience,

p.s. For now, enjoy the earlier posts below...

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