Qiezli in 2011

Qiezli in 2011
This shows Qiezli roaming a virtual beach in its "daydreaming" state...

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Based on the results from a recent pilot-evaluation of Qiezli alpha-level behaviour, additional functionality is being considered for Qiezli's in the months (and maybe years) to come...Qiezli’s content-storage capacity, behavioral mechanism and cognitive architecture are completely scalable so this pilot project will likely evolve to eventually implement increasingly complex cognitive functionality and aesthetic possibilities. The scalability of content and behavioral/cognitive aptitude might one day correlate with an enhanced perception of creative agency by others. Here are some issues and a wish-list of ways that Qiezli could one day evolve...

1 - Since Qiezli does not actually use the SOAR model, its functionality is really “SOAR Lite”. However, it would be advisable for Qiezli’s future iterations to incorporate additional memory banks for semantic deliberation as well as a more clearly defined learning mechanism that involves episodic and long-term memory retrieval. However, since the Second Life’s Linden Scripting Language (LSL) does not (yet) allow for lists to be categorized into arrays, a genuine SOAR-inspired classical cognitive AI type model is currently prohibitive.

2 - Currently, Qiezli only has a working memory to draw from, at this time. One future solution is to faithfully implement of SOAR’s reinforcement learning module. However, such an implementation may lead to Qiezli possessing an over-conditioned reactivity.

3- Ideally, Qiezli should also one day have the functionality to become inspired by and eventually daydream about historical events unfolding in front of it either recently or in real-time. Even if the daydreamed content is represented in a visually abstract manner, Qiezli should learn to at least occasionally daydream about such events.

4 - Regarding audio, samples should be triggered by local prim-collisions so Qiezli’s social sound-field does not always become dense and timbrally homogenous. The sound palette should vary with the degree of avatar/agent social interaction.

5 - Qiezli's he conversational mode should be reduced to matter of seconds rather than minutes. Qiezli should return to the daydreaming mode much more frequently when interacting with other avatars. Since avatars tend to stand/float in one place without much further movement, there was no discernable use of Qiezli’s avatar rotation tracker. Regardless, Qiezli maintained the illusion of appearing as an alien entity with its own abstract context in a user-generated virtual world.

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